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Recommended Dog Tents and Soft Crates

We've decided to compile a couple of short charts for the best soft crates and tents for dogs out there. These top 3 lists were arrived at by several factors: popularity; price; ratings; reputation; and opinions - including those of others as well as our own. After considering all factors those listed below, we believe, are the top dogs!

Top 3 Dog Tents

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small dog tent 1

first placeThe Alcott Explorer Pup Tent wins the gold on our list on tents for dogs. This no-nonsense tent, which would suit medium to large dogs (size is: 35" x 28" x 45"), has won many admirers including ourselves. And with it being marked at such a reasonable price we think it's a great deal for well-behaved doggy campers and their owners.

medium large pet tent

silver medalThe Sturdi Pet Tent is certainly one to consider for dogs around medium-sized. A very neat, compact dog tent that sets up quickly and has plenty of mesh for good air circulation. Only a fairweather camping tent but great for out in the yard or in the home. We've had our eye on this one for some time and, finally, we've decided it worthy of being in our top 3!

medium dog 2

third placeThe Petego Umbra Portable Pet House is a common sight around the internet. Its clever umbrella-like pop-up mechanism makes for a very convenient travel tent which is available in three sizes. For its innovative design, however, you do pay a higher price than for the top two tents. Still, a great product and worthy of being in the top three.

Top 3 Soft Crates

large dog crate

gold medalThe EliteField 3 Door Soft Dog Crate. EliteField, with no doubt in our minds, make the best soft dog crates. The picture opposite links you to one of the smaller crates in their 3 door range, but click on their name once there and you'll discover a wide range of sizes and colors. Each are well-recieved and are highly rated making these crates the justified winners. (Available in several sizes.)

elitefiled soft dog crates

silver medalThe Petsfit Travel Home is a reasonably new addition to our listings and having had a recent look at it, we were very impressed. It has a solid but lightweight design and comes in a wide range of sizes. Good customer reviews on top of that thus far earn this soft dog crate a silver medal. This may be seen as a surprising entry into the top 3. Time will tell, however, if it keeps its place. (Available in several sizes.)

multi size dog tents

bronze medalThe NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate is the number one best seller in crates and so we couldn't ignore that, could we? Massively popular, available in numerous sizes and at very good prices make this a certainty for the top 3 - maybe it should be even higher! Reviewed over a thousand times so far and still maintaining a very high rating! (Available in several sizes.)

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