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This is a page of small dog tents, crates and kennels. If there’s nothing you like here, be sure to check out the Multi-Size page. There you will find different designs of tent/crate that each come in several sizes. Many of these will also be suitable for the diminutive dog!

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Pawhut Elevated Dog Canopy Beddog sun shelter

4 star

(of whole) 24.25" x 18.75" x 22.75" to 36" x 30" x 36.25"

Materials: Steel frame with 600D PVC and mesh

This Pawhut ‘Cooling Dog Bed’ is available in currently available three sizes – the larger two of which could comfortably shelter dogs around the medium-size mark. But, as this is the ‘small dog tent’ page, we’ll concentrate on the variation intended for the little guys and girls! The ‘bed’ part of this doggy sun shelter sits seven inches above ground level, allowing airflow underneath and up through the breathable mesh base. The frame of the bed is constructed from sturdy powder-coated steel, ensuring good stability. When some shade is required, the attractive-looking domed canopy simply attaches to the cot’s frame at the corners and is secured with the help of bungee cords. The simplicity of this foldable design makes this canopy bed both very lightweight and portable as well as being very airy. And, to aid the owner further, it comes with its own bag for easy storage or travel. The few reviews posted at the time of writing are very positive. And so maybe this is one of the best little summer dog shelters under the sun?

MyDeal Pop-Up Pet Tentsmall pop up dog tent

4 stars

24" x 24" x 26"

Materials: Dura-light steel and mesh

An affordable and versatile little tent that, for well-behaved, non-chewing pooches, could be employed in several different ways. As a tent it could be used both indoors and out in fair weather with the included stakes helping to anchor the dura-light steel frame to the ground. A zippered mesh door and top openings provide good ventilation and its pop-up nature and free carry bag make it ideal for stowing or travel. Talking of travel, we come to a secondary function of the tent: it can be used as a barrier between the front and back seats of a car. When folded down and with the included seat attachments employed your four-legged friend will be prevented from trying to take the wheel! (See the on-page pictures for more info.) For the money - which isn’t much! – you do get a lot of versatility. It might not be the hardiest of dog tents on the market, but for the right dog and owner it could be ideal and the reviews so far seem to suggest that!

Viilier Pet Supplies Tentssmall bright dog tents

35 stars

16.9" x 16.9" x 16.1"

Materials: Polyester

These very bright pet tents are only big enough for small dogs and puppies only. The Polka dot design is available in three vivid colors: green (pictured); pink and yellow. As you might expect, being on such a small scale, the tents are easy to set up, take down, store and transport. The design is basic with just a doorway and flap on one side and without any mesh. The material used (polyester) is washable and waterproof. The tents are obviously not for serious camping use, they are just a little bit of fun for the home or even possibly the backyard in the right weather. The customer reviews at the time of writing are very good and the prices are more than reasonable also. And so if you want a no-frills, basic but bright tent for your small dog one of these might appeal to you!

One-Touch Folding Dog Tentone touch dog tent

3 star

19.5" x 19.5" x 17.5"

Materials: PE+180 T UV coating

This cheap and cheerful small dog tent is available in bright orange and blue colors (for some reason we prefer the orange!). As the name suggests it has an instant pop-up mechanism and folds back down into a convenient carry bag making it both easily portable and storable. Mesh on three sides and an open entrance combine to ensure good air circulation whilst the canopy itself is UV treated (180 T). The product is a good size for a small dog (or maybe two very small dogs) and could be good for both indoor and outdoor use. (The latter in fair weather only we would suggest.) It comes with its own basic floor pad but you may feel you need to supply an additional layer of comfort. All things considered, however, a fun item at a low price but nothing more!

Lucky Dog Dawg Tenttent 10

4 star

24" x 24" x 35"

Materials: Water resistant canvas and fleece mat

Something of a mix between a dog crate, kennel and tent, but for the purposes of this overview we'll describe it as the latter... A small to medium-sized tent that folds down into a convenient roll that can be carried in an included bag. All happy customers for this tent so far with many good reviews. Be aware that this item is described as being a medium-sized tent and so may be too large for some of the smaller dogs - take note of the dimensions of both domain and dog! Overall, this is a good, sturdy tent and may well be worth considering.

(Currently Unavailable)

Summer Pet Tentssmall dog 5

35 star

Sizes From:
15" x 15" x 13 " To 23" x 23" x 21"

Materials: Mesh with Oxford Cloth base

This tent (originally sold as the 'Scientist Pet Tent' we believe) is available in three colors and in three small sizes, the biggest of which might just possibly suit a medium-sized dog. It includes mesh for ventilation and is washable. The colors available are blue (pictured), green and pink. The design is light and is easy to store. The reviewers, so far, are, on the whole, happy. We think this is a great little tent for the money. Certainly one to consider if you're just looking for a fun item for a well behaved pooch either indoors or in fair weather outside!

Small Portable Folding Dog Houseportable small dog shelter


27.6" x 21.7" x 20.9"

Materials: Polyester with fiberglass poles

This is a colorful little dog tent for the home or yard with an attractive design and price to match! That said, it is basic and lacks any breathable mesh, depending instead on a permanently open ‘front door’ to provide some air circulation. The orange and coffee-colored canopy is quick to assemble (and take down again) with bending, fiberglass poles providing the structure with its stability and shape. The polyester canopy is easy to clean and can be either hand or (gently) machine-washed. We’ve seen this same product sold from various sources and reviews vary wildly. We’ve seen just one of these tents and that one looked okay to us - for use in the home or in fair weather outside – but that’s just one tent from one seller!  Opinion seems divided all over the net and so some caution is advised. Be sure to read the other buyers’ reviews.

Crates and Kennels

One for Pets Double Travel Kenneldouble travel kennel

45 star

19.5" x 2 (39")  x 20" x 20" 

Materials: Fabric and mesh

We like this idea (as many others do!) of combining together or detaching what are, effectively, two small soft dog crates. This pair can be joined together but with a dividing, zipped barrier between the two; or joined together but without a barrier, effectively forming one longer kennel; and finally, of course, as two completely separate smaller kennels. It’s a simple idea but one that leads to a lot of versatility for an appropriately sized dog (or dogs, of course) not least in the multiple entrances the various setups can provide. This versatility increases with the addition of straps allowing for a secure connection to seatbelts for safe travel. Also included are a removable, washable pad cover; an optional interior hammock (for very small pets) and a carry case (the crates are collapsible). And so whether the ‘One for Pets’ Double is used as two simple crates, carriers or kennels, or as one single entity, at home, away or on the road, it fits the bill! As hinted at before the reviews are predominantly very good!

Pet Magasin Collapsible Carriersmall dog carrier

45 star

17" x 13" x 14" 

Materials: Hard top and base with foam and mesh

Definitely one for small breeds and puppies only, this ‘Pet Magasin’ carrier is built from a mixture of hard and soft materials to form a sturdy but still versatile product. The hard top and bottom give both protection and rigidity to the frame, preventing bumps from above whilst providing stable surface below. The soft sides feature a mesh door and curved perforated walls to provide good visibility and ventilation. These soft sides also allow the top and bottom to come together when not in use and be zippered into a neat, waterproof package with a carrying handle. Also included is a padded mat for the pooches comfort and a two year warranty, 100 percent money-back guarantee! This light and compact pet carrier is proving immensely popular and boasts hundreds of good reviews. If your dog is small enough (check dimensions) it is surely a good option!

Durable Dog Den Cratesmall strong soft dog crate

45 stars

23.5" x 16.5" x 16.5" 

Materials: Tubular steel frame with 1,600D Oxford Nylon

Durability is often an issue with soft dog crates but we’ve come across this one for small dogs that is far from flimsy! This ‘Durable Den’ is covered with an amazing 1,600D Oxford Nylon, providing it with a very healthy shield against paws and gnaws! The plentiful mesh, it is boasted, is also three times stronger than the norm, giving it even more hardiness. Along with the inclusion of reinforced corners and heavy-duty zippers, you can tell that this crate is determined to be the toughest on the market! Strength aside, there are various ways to carry the crate when assembled or not. A free made-to-measure bed is also another nice little feature, covered with the same tough material as the crate’s shell. On top of all of that there is a one year warranty along with a commitment to refund the buyer completely – including shipping costs! – if they are not completely happy. This, we feel, says a lot about the seller’s confidence in their product - and the excellent reviews echo this!

Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet Housemilliard portable kennel for small dogs

45 star

(Currently Unavailable)

24" x 24" x 30" 

Materials: 600D nylon canvas

Milliard has quite a reputation for building easily-transportable and quick to set up dog houses. This latest little collapsible outdoor kennel of theirs is constructed from 600 Denier nylon canvas and sets up quickly with just zippers and Velcro! It has two entrances/exits that sit opposite each other and come with window flaps - these clear doorways are removable and so can be employed or not depending on the weather conditions. The Pet House also comes with water-resistant walls and a comfy cushion with an incorporated fleece mat. We think this a good temporary shelter that would be useful to take on excursions, vacations or just on long journeys where boarding your dog might otherwise be a problem. Good reviews overall at the time of writing!

2PET Fold-A-Cratefolding dog crate

45 star

Sizes From: 20" x 13" x 14" To 32" x 23" x 23"

Materials: Tubular Steel frame with 600D Oxford fabric

A nice range of small to medium-sized crates from 2PET. The design has a good strong 600D Oxford fabric surrounding a sturdy steel frame. This folds down flat via a simple push-button mechanism, making it simple to stow or transport. The design also boasts rounded corners to help protect your home or car from any bumps and scrapes. Built into the machine-washable fabric shell is plenty of mesh for good ventilation, handles for easy carrying (both when erected and collapsed) and a front and top entrance/exit. Also included in with the reasonable price is a waterproof mat, a fleece pad and a choice of colors! And so – good materials, strength and convenience all at very fair prices! We like it – but what do previous purchasers have to say? Well, I’m pleased to report that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive at this time and that there have been many happy customers! If you’re looking for a high quality, small steel-framed dog crate, this one should definitely be on your list of contenders!

(Some Sizes Currently Unavailable)

Cruising Companion Cratepolka dot soft dog crate

35 star

Sizes: 21" x 13" x 15" To 31" x 20" x25"

Materials: Wire and polyester

This is certainly one for the more flamboyant dogs and owners out there! The Cruising Companion is available in three sizes, the larger of which might suit a medium-sized pooch. An integrated wire frame allows for a quick set-up and take-down and is covered by a water-resistant polyester shell. There’s plenty of mesh for good ventilation as well as roll-up shades when required. This soft dog crate also comes with handy storage pockets, a removable Berber mat and a color-coordinated carrying case – which brings us back to that showy design! The crates are available in black and blue colors, both of which are adorned by polka dots and bright grosgrain ribbon bows – pink on the black design and green on the blue. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that this is just a cute, gimmicky product: the crate is well made and the reviews at this time are outstanding! An overstated crate that shouldn’t be underestimated!

Petsfit Pop-Open Kennelpetsfit pop open crate

4.5 star

Sizes: 21" x 13" x 15" To 31" x 20" x25"

Materials: 600D oxford Cloth and hexagonal mesh

We have a soft spot for Petsfit here at Dog-Tent, having already admired and awarded one of their crate ranges with a silver medal! And so we were curious to see the latest design from them – with an unbiased eye, of course! The Petsfit Pop-Open kennels are built with small to smaller medium-sized dogs in mind. Two hexagonally-meshed side flaps provide good ventilation whilst a top flap permits a third possible entrance. The fabric employed is a good sturdy 600D Oxford Cloth which is lined with 230D polyester. The design includes: a small storage pocket; a soft machine-washable faux-fleece pad; and the whole thing folds neatly down into a flat, easy to carry shape for transport or storage. And so what do we think? Well, it’s certainly a lightweight product (we mean that in a good way!) and so best for less fidgety pooches we feel. But we like the look of it very much – another very smart design from our silver medalists! The prices are good and so are the reviews thus far. It looks as though Petsfit may have come up with another winner!

EliteField Small 3 Door Dog Crateelitefield small dog crate

45 star

Size: 24" x 18" x 21"

Materials: Steel-tube frame and mesh

1stWe like EliteField's soft dog crates (we've awarded them a gold medal) and we are certainly not alone in our praise: consistantly high ratings prevail across their product range. We've already included a bigger version of this crate on our large tent page, but we don't want to leave the little guys out and so here is a smaller version. As with the larger version, this crate has many happy customers and ranks highly. It comes with a free carry bag and and mat (The included mat and the cover are machine washable.) and erects and folds down quickly. Ventilation is good and its three doors (top, front and side) provide other options as well as extra convenience. All of this is built around a sturdy steel-tube frame which makes for a very durable design. EliteField offer a 100 percent money back guarantee for this crate. We think that says it all!

Small Dog Cratesmall dog crate

4 star  

18" x 15" x 16"

Materials: Water Resistant with mesh windows

A small collapsible crate by 'Guardian Gear'. (You can see this dog tent's bigger brothers on the large tent page.) This little one is just as easy to assemble and take down and is very durable too. It has mesh windows on all sides for ventilation and vision and comes in nice bright color scheme as you can see. Reviews are very good with just some concern over comfort - it comes with a faux sheepskin mat (machine washable) but may require more padding still. Overall, a good little crate but the price isn't the cheapest.

Try our Multi-sized page or our Dog Cave Bed page- more options for small dogs!