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Most of the dog tent and soft dog crate designs on this page are available in several different sizes, catering for small, medium and large dogs alike. The prices and sizes listed show only the smallest and highest end of the spectrum. Please visit the product page for prices and sizes in-between.

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FrontPet Dog Camping Tentpop up dog tents

3 star

Sizes From: 24" x 24" x 31.5" To 35.5" x 35.75" x 38.5"

Materials: Durable Nylon with mesh

Firstly, we have to say how much we like the look of this new tent from FrontPet. The design looks neat, clean and, if it’s possible for a pet tent, classy! But looks aren’t everything, of course, and so what are this product’s practicalities? The FrontPet seems to borrow much from ‘Umbra Tent’ further down this page – both in its looks and its functionality. It’s ‘One Step’ set-up mechanism allows it to be very quickly erected and, similarly, just as easily taken back down again and packed back into its carry bag. There’s ample mesh for good air circulation as well as a wide, zippered door for when the sun’s shining, whilst in windier and/or wetter weather the included ground stakes and rain fly can be employed to keep your best friend’s tent both stable and dry. The frontPet is currently available in two sizes which straddle the medium-sized part of the dog tent spectrum and, at the time of writing, there is little difference in their prices. They are, however, both currently cheaper than their Umbra tent counterparts which have won one of our bronze medals! Some caution is suggested, though, as the FrontPet is new to the market and buyer reviews are scarce. But we’ll certainly be watching this product’s progress in the future to see if can supplant its older cousin! Of the reviews available so far opinions are very mixed.

GigaPet Pop-Up Tentgigapet tent

35 star

Sizes From: 24" x 24" x 30" To 46" x 46" x 48"

Materials: Mesh with foam pad

GigaTent has recently listed a series of tents for smallish medium to very large dogs - just in time for the spring and summer months ahead. Being new on the market, we haven’t yet had a chance to look closely at one of these products yet, but we’ll give a preliminary description here and adapt it as we find out more. The design certainly looks neat enough. It includes 3 mosquito mesh windows, all with roll-up blinds, and a large zippered door (with its own window), all offering good ventilation. Also included, which is nice to see, are guy ropes and stakes for windier weather, a carrying bag and a portable foam pad with a removable cover. If you are looking for a very large dog tent then they don’t come much bigger than the one at the top of this range! Even the smaller version has a good height to it which is another nice feature of this range of tents. Reviews are very mixed, however, and so are definitely worth reading.

Umbra Dog Tentmedium dog 2

4 star

Sizes From: 23" x 23" x 26" To 35" x 35" x 35"

Materials: Nylon with mesh

3rdAvailable in small, medium and large sizes and with a pop-up mechanism for easy erecting and taking down, this is one of the most popular dog tents out there on the internet. It comes with its own carrying bag and boasts claw-proof mesh windows along with a porch area for your furry friend! The reviews are mainly good but there are a few concerns about quality - these should be considered before buying a comparitivey expensive dog tent. Overall, though, a well-recieved item and it wins a bronze medal from us!

Dog Bag Pet Tentlarge tent 5

4 star

Sizes From:
24" x 24" x 24" To 35.5" x 35.5" x 33.5"

Materials: Mesh with steel hoops

A nice-looking item in small, medium and large sizes. A foldable pop-up tent with reinforcing steel hoops to make an apparently sturdy structure, hence its higher than average price. We're not so sure ourselves about its sturdiness, however: we've looked at the smaller model in the range and it seemed a little flimsy to us! The tent comes with its own backpack (similar to the one pictured) helping to make transport easy. Mixed reviews at the time of writing.

(Some Sizes Currently Unavailable)

Crates and Kennels

Petsfit Travel Dog Cratepetsfir travel pet home

4 star

Sizes From: 24" x 18" x 17" To 42" x 28" x 27"

Materials: Mesh on locking metal frame

This range of Petsfit soft crates covers most of the doggy size spectrum and is built to house well-behaved, crate-trained pets. The crates have a two-door design with an additional top opening. These zippered entrances or exits are given over entirely to mesh and so the air circulation is good. The canopy is built around a patented locking metal frame and so there’s no need for any tools to setup. A removable and machine washable fleece pad is included in with the reasonable price(s) and there’s currently a choice of color schemes: black and gray/blue. The numerous reviews, like those for many Petsfit products, are predominantly very good!

Coleman Pop-Up Kennel for Dogscoleman pop up kennel for dogs

35 star

Size: 18" x 22.5" x 27.25"

Materials: Lightweight frame with mesh

We’ve featured Coleman products before on our pages but they we’re usually tents designed for humans with a built-in annex for a dog. But now we’re happy to feature a Coleman tent that is specifically designed with four-legged inhabitants in mind! This small to medium-sized pop-up kennel is of the ‘twist-to-collapse’ variety making it easy to pack away when not in use. A non-slip base hugs onto rugs and carpets and large mesh side-windows allow for good airflow. The design is nice and lightweight but this pro may also be a con for some hyperactive dogs! The reviews are mainly good and it seems, so far, that Coleman has successfully transferred their know-how from human to canine tents!

Arf Pets Soft Dog Cratearf pet sof dog crates

45 star

36" x 25" x 25"

Materials: Steel frame with waterproof material and mesh

This medium-sized soft crate from ‘Arf Pets’ is proving rather popular. Holding up to 70lbs of dog (other sizes are occasionally available via the same link) within its heavy duty steel frame, this crate comes with a waterproof base, a washable cover and a carry strap. Other nice included features are heavy duty zippers, reinforced corners and an innovative spring-loaded mechanism for erecting or collapsing the lightweight frame easily. Three doors (top, side and front) provide easy entrance and exit and these, along with the mesh windows, also ensure good ventilation. The price isn’t the cheapest – but it’s not the most expensive either - and the reviews are firmly on the positive side! Our one issue is that Arf Pets claim the canopy material and the mesh are chew-proof. The few poor reviews suggest otherwise! And so, in short, if you have a crate-trained, or content-to-be-confined, dog, this crate could well be very suitable for him or her. An overwhelming majority of previous customers and their fury friends seem to agree!

Homdox Home Dog Cratehomdox foldable soft dog crate

5 stars

Sizes From: 17.9" x 22.8" x 19.1" To 36.7" x 28.9" x 27.7"

Materials: Oxford cloth and mesh

If you are looking for an affordable soft dog crate this range from Homdox may appeal to you. As you might expect from the low prices, they are not as sturdy as the more expensive steel-framed crates on the market and even though they are advertised as being carriers as well as crates, we think they serve better as the latter unless you have a very lightweight dog! The design, constructed mainly from Oxford cloth, simply zips into shape and three mesh windows (with flaps) provide good air circulation along with the mesh door. Being of a light build comes with the usual pros and cons: the crate can be easily erected and folded away and transported, but hyperactive hounds, or ones that just love to chew stuff, might take their toll on the lightweight design! But, of course, if the dog has been crate-trained and is fairly mild-mannered these will not be problems. Items included in with the very reasonable prices are a carry case and a washable comfort pad, making these crates an even better buy than they would otherwise be. They are great if you are on a budget or are looking for nothing more than just a no-frills basic crate. The previous buyers’ reviews at the time of writing are extremely good!

Petsfit Foldable Pet Kennelpetsfit foldable kennel

45 stars

Sizes From: 20" x 19" x 20" To 30" x 21" x 26"

Materials: 600D Oxford cloth with 230D polyester lining

We like Petsfit products here at Dog Tent: they tend to make good quality items at affordable prices. They’ve previously won our Silver Medal for a range of their soft crates and it looks as if they’ve come up with yet another good looking design here! Actually, their Soft-Sided Pet Kennel comes in two slightly different designs: one small version has an attractive arched roof whilst the other sizes have the more traditional box shape. However, both have the same features, and both look attractive. The kennels are for small to medium-sized dogs. They have enough mesh included for good ventilation plus blinds. All of the sizes come with a comfy, washable mat, a handy carry bag and a zippered front entrance. And all are foldable down to a nice flat level for travel or storage. As mentioned before, Petsfit are very reasonable when it comes to prices and this range of kennels of theirs is no different! Unsurprisingly good reviews at the time of writing!

Pet Gear Generation II Soft Cratepet gear generation 2 soft dog crate

4 star

Sizes From: 21" x 14.5" x 14.5" To 41" x 29" x 28"

Materials: Tubular Steel frame with 600D nylon

The first thing to be said about this Generation II crate from Pet Gear is that it is remarkably similar to the EliteField crates which we hold in high regard. The second thing to be said is that, happily, it's not just the design that's similar - the reviews are just as great too! And so despite how samey the two product ranges might be we thought it best to include both for the sake of more choice. The generation II crates are built around foldable tubular steel frames on which 600D nylon covers sit - these are removable and washable. Three zippered mesh doors on the front, side and top give options for access as well as good air circulation. The product also boasts two  pouches (top and side) for accessories, as well as a removable waterproof mat and fleece pad which are both easy to clean. There is also a small choice of colors between most of the sizes available and the product page itself does a good job on suggesting which breeds of dog will fit best into each of those sizes. We like these dog crates. They might be very similar to the EliteFields - but that's no bad thing!

2PET Folding Crate / Carrier2pet soft crate carrier

45 star

Sizes From: 20" x 13" x 14" To 32" x 23" x 23"

Materials: Tubular Steel frame with 600D Oxford fabric

We've recently seen a 24" version of this crate/carrier by 2PET and we and, more importantly, the owner and her dog have all been very impressed with it. They are sturdy, nicely made items that would suit small to medium (crate-trained!) dogs which do the job they are designed for very well. A folding steel tube frame, once erected, supports a 600D Oxford fabric shell which is well-ventilated on all four sides with mesh when including the zippered door. A zippered opening at the top can contribute even more air circulation, or just act as a convenient way of loading your pet and/or for simply slipping him or her a treat on your travels. The product comes with a waterproof mat and fleece pad which are easy to clean, and the cover can be machine-washed if needed. The product page is full of more useful information on assembly and sizing etc. as well as pointing out that a soft crate is not a good idea if your dog likes to chew! The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the prices for these compact crate carriers are very good also. Certainly a product worthy of consideration!

Spring Break Dog Cratespring break soft dog crate

4 star

Sizes From: 22" x 15" x 18" To 38" x 28" x 34"

Materials: Steel frame with nylon and mesh

This low-priced, lightweight soft crate range would suit small to medium-sized dogs. Their rather jazzy striped and curved-top design certainly makes them stand out against other, less flamboyant, styles of crate. But don't let their whimsical exterior appearance decieve you - they are built around a steel frame which is covered in a heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching. As with most soft dog crates, the frame is quick to assemble and easy to break back down. The design incorporates 3 zippered mesh doors for visibilty and air circulation - the two on the longer sides come with roll-down canvas curtains. A nice little extra touch are loops at each corner for staking if needed. The crate also comes with a fleece pad and matching carry bag and the reviews are very good indeed! But it must be emphasized that these products are for well behaved, crate-trained dogs only!

Petsfit Dog Carrierpetsfit carrier

45 star

Sizes From: 16" x 9" x 9" To 19" x 12" x 12"

(+ additional space when porch is opened)

Materials: Canvas and mesh

This is our first dog carrier that we've included on our listings and, as it doesn't have a catergory of its own (yet), we've added it to the multisized crates and kennels section. Why have we added it at all? Well, simply put, we just love its design - as do many others, it seems! This carrier's size range is aimed at small-scale pooches and pets and Petsfit have done a great and innovative job in catering for their, and their owners' needs. The carrier part of the product is nice and sturdy and compact enough for traveling in a car or on a plane (depending on airlines' rules). But the feature we really like is the porch area which can be opened up like an accordion for extra room when the opportunity arises. The product comes with a handy pocket and mat, and  whole design can be folded down completely flat when not in use. A good choice, we believe, for our first dog carrier!

Petmate Plastic Kennelpetmate plastic kennel compass

4 star

Sizes From: 19" x 13" x 12" To 40" x 26" x 30"

Materials: Plastic and chrome

Petmate are the originators of the plastic dog kennel idea and their designs always prove to be very popular - so popular, in fact, we thought we should include one of their product ranges on this site. There are plenty to choose from but we decided to go with the 'Compass' class of kennel due to its wide size range and many good reviews. The design is simple to put together (a video on site demonstrates its assembly) and good ventilation and visibilty are achieved both with the numerous air-holes and the quick latch chrome door. The design is available in three colors and that's about all we can say about it - it's such a simple item. If we had to add anything we would just suggest the addition of a decent pad or bed for your dog's comfort.

Soft-Sided Kennel / Cratetwist n go kennel

4 star

Sizes From:
14.5" x 12.75" x 21" To 23" x 20" x 31"

Materials: Canvas and mesh

A pop-up kennel design we have found in three sizes, the larger of which may just about hold a medium-sized dog. The design pictured is described as being medium-sized - we say small. And the biggest version is described as being large - we say medium at best! And so go by the dimensions and not by the descriptions for these crates on the product pages. Anyway, what we have here is the Twist-N-Go kennel. It's a lightweight crate that, unsurprisingly, twists open and pops up into shape. Very convenient according to most of the reviewers, but because of its lighweight design we suggest that only crate-trained dogs should become occupants. The product comes with a matching storage bag and is reasonably priced.

Petsfit Travel Homeelitefiled soft dog crates

4 star

Sizes From:
20" x 13" x 12" To 44" x 30" x 29"

Materials: Aluminum alloy frame and mesh

2ndThis crate / portable kennel comes in a wide range of sizes and, having seen a couple of them now, we are quite impressed. Petsfit boast that their aluminum alloy frame is 40 percent lighter and 10 percent stronger than a typical steel-structured crate and nobody has argued with them so far - the reviews are very positive! The design has 4 zippered mesh windows (3 sides and top), each of which can be opened for access or even more air. Each size is quick to set up and fold down and comes with a removable fleece mat, ground stake and accessory pocket(s). This seems to be a very good travel crate and is nicely priced. We think its certainlygood enough for one of our silver medals!

(currently Unavailable)

Soft Crate For Dogsdeluxe dog crate

4 star

Sizes From: 24" x 16.5" x 16.5" To 48" x 32" x 38.5"

Materials: Waterproof fabric with mosquito-proof mesh

A big size range is available for this soft-sided dog crate - small to XX-large. It featues entry from the side, front and top, mosquito-proof mesh and roll-up window covers. It assembles and breaks down flat quickly and comes with its own storage case. The reviews are very mixed, however, and reading both the good and bad is advised in equal measure. Most of the really negative comments are from buyers whose dogs managed to chew through the crate in short order. And so if your dog is this way inclined it's probably best to avoid. If you know your pet to be content in a crate, though, this one may be worth considering.

Soft Portable Pet Kennelmultisized tent

45 star

Sizes From:
20" x 14" x 14" To 28" x 20" x 20"

Materials: Water resistant washable canvas with steel frame

Lots of combinations of colors and smaller sizes are possible with this portable dog house. A good simple folding design makes it easy to erect, collapse and store. Many happy customers giving good feedback and generating a high star rating. Fairly priced although additional delivery fee may apply on some sizes. A very well-recieved product indeed!

Petnation Port A Cratemedium dog tent 1

4 star

Sizes From:
16" x 11" x 11" To 36" x 25" x 25"

Materials: Mesh fabric with steel frame

A range of six different sizes makes this a very popular item with thousands of happy customers. This product is one of the most widely advertised soft dog crates on the market at this time, probably because of its reasonable price range. Maybe not the best one out there, but a very useful item nonetheless if you have a crate-content dog! Reviews are predominantly good but by no means unanimous - be sure to read them!

Portable Pet Homemedium dog 6

4 star

Sizes From:
12" x 9.5" x 10.3" To 41" x 29" x 32"

Materials: Heavy duty canvas with mesh vents and sheepskin pad

Fairly rated item with mainly good reviews. This portable home comes in five sizes, the smallest being too small for most dogs unless you have a tiny puppy to transport! A good soft pet crate in a neat and attractive chocolate and pink design. A very well-recieved product and one of our most popular links to date!

(Some Sizes Currently Unavailable)

Portable Tent Cratelarge dog 4

45 star

Sizes From:
24" x 17.5" x 20" To 42" x 26" x 32"

Materials: Mesh with water resistant fabric and steel frame

This soft dog crate comes in four sizes. A good shelter for when at home or as a portable kennel for when traveling out on the road. It comes with a zipped mesh door and folding steel frame. It also has padding at the base and can be easily collapsed for storage. Predominantly positive reviews at this time although the prices might be off-putting. We're on the fence with this one.

 NOZTONOZ Soft Dog Cratemulti size dog tents

4 star

Sizes From:
21" x 15" x 15" To 42" x 28" x 31"

Materials: Heavy duty mesh

3rdOne of the most popular crates (in fact, used to be the number one best seller!) with a majority of 4 and 5 star reviews. There are a few critics, however! This portable, easy to set up dog crate comes in five sizes, catering for most breeds. A good, informative product page and handy size chart are on-site to help you through the options. A very reasonably priced range of crates and products that win our 3rd place, bronze medal in dog crates!

More options for smaller or for larger dogs