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Here you'll see a few items that you may find useful to go along with your tent on your next dog camping trip. Just as with the dog tents, we will only add an item if it has faired well in the reviews. We will be adding more products to this page on a regular basis.

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Dogwear Misc.

Dog Backpacks

Ruffwear Hiking Dog Backpackruffwear dog backpack

There’s no doubt that Ruffwear are amongst the finest makers of outdoor dog products on the planet. This ‘Approach Pack’ backs up that statement with hundreds of great reviews and plaudits. It is available in several colors and several sizes – all of which provide efficient, but comfortable, load-bearing layouts to keep your hound happy. The Approach’s integrated harness is built from lightweight, but durable, materials and allows for simple walking (with a leash), lifting and towing. Non-slip girth straps and sheltered buckles, which can be clipped one-handed, make things more convenient for you whilst strategic padding maintains that all important comfort for your co-traveler. There are five adjustment points upon the various straps, enabling the fit to be as good as possible for your dog. Other features on the pack include easy-stash pockets, reflective trim and a padded handle. All things considered – an excellent product!

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OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Backpackonetigris dog backpack

For medium to large hounds this Cotton Canvas dog Backpack oozes quality. Made with old-fashioned, but tough, materials this product is receiving better reviews than many of its polyester and plastic counterparts and it does so at a very competitive price. The two zippered side-pockets might not be the largest available on the market, but they do come with additional pouches for a few extra bits and pieces. They should be able to cope with most doggy essentials, however, and at least let your faithful friend help share your burden on a good long excursion. As mentioned before the price is more than reasonable for this sturdy piece of kit, but for a few dollars extra the backpack can be purchased together with a matching leash. But the backpack’s the real star here and excellent reviews support this view. We think this is a very neat and tidy – not to mention retro – looking product that stands out from the crowd!

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Dog's Backpackhound backpack

If your four-legged friend doesn’t mind bearing some of the load on your next camping/hiking expedition then this doggy backpack might be for him or her! The backpack comes in four sizes – small, medium, large and XL and are suitable for dogs anywhere between 15 – 90 pounds. It also comes in a range of high visibility colors – blue, green, orange and pink – making your pet easy to spot should it go AWOL! It also features spacious pockets and compartments for food and water etc., good quality zippers and a good harness that is easy to adjust. This is a very popular backpack with generally good reviews averaging 4 stars. There are buyers, however, questioning the item’s durability and so we would recommend you weigh up the pros and cons before buying. The prices range, depending on size, from around $24 to $40.


Dog Leashes and Tethers

SUREswivel Anchored Dog Tetherdog tether 360

Ideal for giving your dog a little freedom on a campsite without letting him or her roam too much. With a tangle free 360 degree tether system which is hammered into place upon firm ground with six patented securing bolts (holding 3 times stronger than normal stakes), the SUREswivel boasts that it can resist up to a thousand pounds of pulling pressure. Simply clear the ground of any debris within the tether’s circumference, install the swivel at the center and attach your dog’s leash. There are many good reviews for this product – averaging around 4 stars – but there are some concerns also: if you have a large dog that is prone to lurch there may be issues even with this swivel’s anchored strength; and you have to be selective with the ground in which you choose to place the hub – the soil should not be so loose as to give way when the tether is pulled. And so, on reflection, a good product for a well-behaved dog on suitable ground. The price is around $48.


LeashBoss Long Nylon Dog Leasheslong nylon training leash

This is one of the most highly rated products we’ve seen and so we thought we’d try one out for ourselves to see what all the fuss was about! Silvia, a friend of Dog Tent, volunteered her German Shephard, Joey, for the job and so when the 30’ orange version of this leash arrived (quickly) we were set to go! The product is described as heavy duty and it didn’t disappoint. The one inch wide nylon leash was well-stitched and was easily strong enough to contend with an excited Joey! Silvia was impressed by how comfortable the foam handle was and the overall feeling of strength, security and control the leash gave her. We all had a go in turn and came to the same conclusions. Of course, being nylon rather than wire, the leash is also very lightweight and is easy to take along whether for training or camping. An included 14” x 16” backpack is a nice extra also! The leash comes in 20’, 30’ or 50’ lengths and in black or orange colors. It was designed with medium to large dogs in mind. It is made in the USA and has a 90 day 100% money back guarantee – and the buyers love it! The prices range from $26 to $39 but look out for offers on the product page if you’re thinking of buying more than one!


Pet Champion Dog Tie Out Cablepet champion dog tie out

Whether it's at home in the yard or out in a field at a campsite, sometimes you do not want your dog to roam too far. A good, strong tie-out is the obvious answer: it gives your dog just enough freedom - but no more! It's not easy to find a good, affordable product that can perform this task. Further down this page we feature the SUREswivel tether system which is also an excellent product, but it is up in the higher end of the price range. The Pet Champion dog tie-out, however, is the number one best seller on Amazon and only costs around $10! Its vinyl-coated cable is suitable for use with hounds up to 90 pounds and is 25 feet in length. Of course, you will need to purchase a decent stake to go with it - if you haven't already got one - but, even so, the overall price will still remain low.


Dog  Beds and Covers

Elevated Dog Cot Beddog cot bed

This dog comes in small, medium and large sizes and with a choice of three colors: gray, green and terracotta. It also comes with literally thousands of great reviews from happy customers! The steel frame supports a strong but breathable nylon canvas and rubber feet guard against slipping on, and protecting, indoor floors. The product also comes with a five-year warranty against the effects of UV degradation for when the cot is used outdoors. It assembles without the need for tools and so is ideal to take along on your next dog camping trip – especially handy if you and your hound find yourself on damp ground. As mentioned before, the reviews are great, earning the dog cot an average of 4.5 stars. But there are various negative comments also and, even though they are firmly in the minority, it’s a good idea to cast your eye over them. The prices are very good ar aound $24 to $30.


Car Seat Cover for Dogsdog car seat cover

And so you and your dog have had a great time in the great outdoors and now it’s time to be homeward bound. But wait… Your faithful friend still has half of the great outdoors upon his coat and paws! Okay, we’re exaggerating a little, but this is a useful product for protecting your car’s back-seat upholstery from a muddy mutt nonetheless. This car seat dog hammock is both waterproof and machine-washable and comes with adjustable straps to fit nicely inside a car fitted with headrests. We will tell you no lie and say that, in our opinion, there are better dog seat covers available out there – but not for this one’s price of just around $30. It has a high 4.5 star rating contributed by hundreds of happy customers!


Chuckit Travel Beddog tent bed

Got a medium to large dog tent that does not come with a comfortable base of any type, or just not enough padding for your pet? Then this popular and portable dog bed could be the answer. This machine-washable bed is quilted in such a way as to avoid clumping during cleaning, and is made even more durable by way of a “ripstop” base. It comes in a generous 30 X 39 inches size which fits into a portable bag of just 9 X 15 inches. Reviews are predominantly good at this time – averaging 4.5 stars, and the price is reasonable. A good addition to a bare dog tent or utilized as a pet bed around the home or both!


Self-Inflating Fleece Dog Bedself inflating dog camping bed

We’re always on the lookout for decent dog travel beds here at Dog Tent and we recently came across this highly rated item that fits the bill. This self-inflating dog bed has a water-resistant base (which is machine washable) which also borders a removable thick fleece top. The bed conveniently inflates with a simple twist of a nozzle which, when opened, also deflates the item when it’s time to pack up and move on. When inflated, the puncture-resistant design thickens to 1.5” and when deflated it can be rolled up with the help of its built-in straps to just 6x32”.  The bed, when opened, is 32” by 42” and comes in a choice of three colors: charcoal; tan; and a greenish brown. The price varies between $60 and $68 depending on the color chosen. This product is very popular and averages a strong 5 stars. We’ve always found it difficult to find a good, portable dog bed before that could sit in, or alongside, a suitable tent but this one, we feel, hits the spot!


Dog Camping Bowls

Outward Hound Port-a-Bowlportable collapsible dog bowl

There’s no doubt that Outward Hound make some good quality doggy products. Their Port-Bowl is no exception and comes at very fair prices for both small and large sizes (although the smaller version is currently a little more expensive than the larger one!). The bowls are made from a hardy nylon and can be folded flat when not in use. The saving in both weight and space is an obvious advantage over fixed-shape bowls if you want to travel as light as possible. The Port-a-Bowls are also easy to clean and will dry quickly. For their price, durability and convenience they seem ideal for you and your pet’s next excursion – plenty of great reviews suggest the same!

portable dog bowl

PetBonus Collapsible Bowl Setcollapsible dog bowls

When camping or traveling with your faithful friend, space and weight can become precious commodities. The dog’s everyday food and water bowls might not be ideal items to cart along with you for these and other reasons and so collapsible bowls might hold the key! These sets of four from PetBonus are 5 inches wide, narrowing down to 3.5 at the base and are 2 inches in height. They are also a very healthy half an inch thick! The bowls are fashioned from food-grade silicone and are non-toxic as well as durable. They are easy to clean and come in 4 vivid colors which won’t be easy to lose! These are very popular items with many, many positive reviews. They come with a one year quality guarantee and also a free carabiner is included with each set. We think these are a real must-have when on the road or out in the field!

collapsible dog bowl set

Dog Food Travel Bagdog travel bag

This is a handy little set for the camping or hiking dog. It contains a main bag for holding and carrying food, a bowl for that food and a water bowl. The bag can contain up to 15 pounds of food – enough for several days – and has an easy access door (which closes with Velcro) for the pouring of the contents. The set employs waterproofed ‘Ripstop’ liners for extra durability, and retaining elastic bands for the bowls. The items are collapsible for space-saving but also hardy enough to stand the test of time. Mostly excellent reviews thus far earn this product a good rating! The price is around $26.

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Dog Bootsdog boots

We’ve been looking around for a while now for a decent pair of dog boots to add to this page. Our search has not been a straightforward one as the top brands, and even the bestselling products, only manage to receive mixed reviews it seems. But just recently we have found a contender in Bark Brite – a company known more for LED dog collars than K9 boots. Now, there are not many reviews at the time of writing this, but they are mostly 5 starred! And so it’s early days but things do look promising. These water-resistant Neoprene dog boots are available in four sizes (small to XL) and are nicely priced at $29-$31 plus a $6 shipping charge in some cases. As you can see in the picture each boot has two reflective Velcro straps for adjustment purposes and as an aid to visibility. Each of the durable dog boots also has a slit at the rear for easy putting on and removal. They also have non-slip soles and inside linings for extra comfort. As we said earlier, it’s early days and we’ll be keeping an eye on this product’s progress, but judging by what we’ve read so far these boots are certainly already worthy of consideration.


Dog Hoodiesdog hoodie

Camping with your dog somewhere a little on the cold side? Then a fleece-lined hoodie might be appreciated by your cool hound! In all seriousness, sometimes in cold conditions one coat is not enough for your dog to feel comfortable. This extra layer could be worn by your little friend during cold days or maybe as pyjamas inside his dog tent if your camping location’s temperature dips radically at night. The hoodie is easy to put on, has a gap for a leash to connect to a collar and comes in numerous sizes. Prices range from around $20 to $29 (depending on size) plus a $0 to $7 shipping fee. Reviews at this time are unanimously 5-starred at the time of writing.



Dog First Aid Kitdog first aid kit

In our dog camping checklist article on the “Out in the Field” page we mentioned, briefly, the precaution of taking along a basic first aid kit for dogs on your travels just in case of a canine illness or emergency. There are numerous such kits on the market – some higher-rated than others. We’ve selected this one because of its good reviews and thorough inventory but there are others on Amazon that you may wish to consider too. The contents of this pack are too long to list here but it contains many of the essentials a good basic pet first aid kit should have: ice pack; scissors; bandages; gauzes; antiseptic; sting relief pad; styptic powder and much more. The cost of this particular kit is $35. If it’s this or another product you eventually purchase our wish remains the same: we sincerely hope that you never have to use it!


DoggyRide  Bike Dog Trailerdoggyride dog trailer

A dog tent on wheels? A wonderfully designed dog trailer for small to medium-sized dogs. This collapsible trailer will transport your faithful friend in some style. An aluminum alloy frame ensures the weight is kept as low as possible for the chauffeur whilst stainless steel hubs and spokes give good strength to the quick-release wheels – strong enough to transport up to 100 pounds of hound! A convertible canopy keeps the dog from the elements or helps him or her to enjoy the sunshine, whilst a padded muzzle rest sits at the front for even more comfort. Reflective strips and a low center of gravity are incorporated for you and your passenger’s safety, and a kickstand comes in handy for extra stability when the dog boards or exits the carriage. When not being used the dog trailer can be folded down to 31.5 X 21 X 8 inches. And, as you can see, the trailer comes in a choice of two vibrant colors. Excellent reviews see the DoggyRide averaging 4.5 stars. The price comes in at around the $360 mark.


Poop Scoopnatures miracle poop scoop

Cleaning up after your dog, whilst unpleasant, is the considerate and correct thing to do. Of course, we want to get this dirty job over as quickly and efficiently as possible when we’re called into action. There are many ‘pooper scoopers’ out on the market with varying degrees of capability. We’ve decided to concentrate on one from ‘Nature’s Miracle’ as it’s highly rated and currently Amazon’s Best Seller! The design is available in medium and large sizes, both with a choice of an additional bag holder (includes 15 thick antimicrobial bags) with inset LEDs for help in the dark. This design’s success seems to be due to its overall strength and its high tension spring mechanism, making clearing up after your hound less of a chore. As mentioned before, the reviewers are happy for the most part (product averages 4.5 stars) but a small percentage is certainly not: complaints about quality and ease of use are mentioned. The prices range from $17 for the medium scoop without the LED bag holder to $30 for the large size with the holder.


Marco Polo Tracking / Locating Systemmarco polo pet tracking system

As you probably know, there are many GPS tracking products available for the purposes of locating pets when they get lost, or raising an alarm if they’ve wander off too far away from home. These products are great for peace of mind, but the trouble with them is that they always seem to depend on monthly service contracts which can add up to quite an amount over time. And it may be that your dog is very securely held within the confines of your home, and that such a product would only really be an asset when traveling. Well, there are alternatives that cater very well for these circumstances. One such product is this Marco Polo tracking and locating system. There are no monthly subscription fees and no cell network is required with this handy device. The set is made up of a hand-held locator, a light 1.75 ounce collar tag (more of which can be added to the system if you have more than one dog to look after - up to three can be tracked on the same system), and a long 90 day, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Depending on the local terrain, the system can locate a missing animal up to two miles away. But, similar to the GPS products, you can set variously sized safety zones which, if broken by your pet, will alert you long before he or she gets that far away! The reviews are predominantly good for the Marco Polo system but it is quite expensive – coming in at around the $220 mark. As we said before, however, this one-off payment is cheap compared to many of the monthly GPS contracts out there, and is more suited just as a precaution for when traveling or camping with your dog.


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