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Dog Cave Beds

Tent Beds and Cave Beds for Small Dogs

This page is dedicated to those small dogs who demand cosiness and comfort. The dog cave beds and dog tent beds here are designed to deliver just that - nice little nests for wonderfully warm snoozes and contented small snores!

Cave Beds for Small Dogs

Dog Cave Beds (Various Designs)range of dog cave beds

45 star

Sizes From: 14" x 14" x 21" To 20" x 16" x 14.5"

Materials: Faux suede / fur with poly fill

The pictured dog cave bed is just one of several designs that are available via the same link. Each one has been created with cats or very small dogs in mind and their dimensions vary between types – so be sure to check that your small dog or puppy will fit comfortably inside your chosen design! As you may expect with different beds the prices vary also but all are very affordable, and with certain ones you may find a choice of sellers and can compare price tags! Generally speaking, these tent/cave beds are built from faux suede and fur, have a non-slip base and are machine washable, but the description can change slightly between products and so be sure to double check. There are lots of good reviews for this colorful range of cave beds and, even if none of the designs appeal to you, it’s a good page to visit to see and compare various ideas!

Pet Teepee Tentteepee for pooches

45 stars

Size: 20" x 20" x 24"

Materials: Cotton canvas and pine poles

A bright little tent for bright little dogs only! (Ok – and cats.) This stripy and cheerful design wraps a cotton canvas cover around five pine poles to form an attractive teepee tent for your favorite pet to relax in. The canopy material is resilient enough to be machine-washable and when not in use can be stowed in an included carry bag. The teepee is easy to assemble and comes with instructions should you have any trouble. One thing to point out: it doesn’t come with the pad as shown in the picture – an existing one, or a new one, which fits the dimensions, would have to be found (if required). This is the second teepee we’ve featured in this section and we’ve included because of both its excellent reviews and its reasonable price tag which many other similar-looking designs seem to lack! Think your dog might like it? Have a powwow with your bow wow!

Viiler Pet Teepeedog teepee

4 5 star

Size: 23.6" x 23.6" x 33.1"

Materials: Cotton

There are quite a few of these pet teepees now appearing on the market and so we thought we’d feature one of the more popular designs on our small dog tent page. This particular tepee is available with both red and blue stripes and with or without a cushion. As you can see it’s a very basic product which makes it very easy to set up and take down. It’s also easy to keep clean as the cotton material is washable – either by hand or carefully by machine. As cotton is used for the canopy it would make a nice cool shelter out in the yard during the hotter, less windy months of the year but, of course, there’s no reason why it can’t function as a cosy tent-bed for inside use also. It folds neatly down into its own carry bag when not in use and would be a cinch to transport. It’s basically a cute little novelty item that might suit some of the smaller pooches out there (check the dimensions). Reviews are very good at the time of writing although we have to point out that some of them have been made in exchange for a discount. And even though these reviews claim to be unbiased, we often find, in our experience, that they do skew the scores a little and so proceed with a little caution.

KandH Hooded Lounge Sleeperdog lounge sleeper tent bed

45 star

Size: 20" x 25" x 13"

(Interior size is approx. 16" x 15")

Materials: Poly/cotton mix with polyfil and microfleece

These tent beds for small dogs and puppies are available in two patchwork color schemes: Tan (pictured); and Teal. The hooded part of the design can be removed, if you or your dog prefer it that way, just by unzipping it and leaving the more traditional-looking dog bed base. The stuffing is made from recycled materials (a premium polyfil made from plastic bottles) and wrapped up inside durable cotton/poly material. The removable cushion is covered by cozy microfleece which can be unzipped for machine washing. However, the rest of the bed should be cleaned down with a damp cloth or sponge - it's worth bearing that in mind if you have a dirt-loving dog or a heavy-moulting pooch! Overall, this product is very popular and has many very good reviews. The negative issue that does pop up occasionally is that the cushion is on the thin side and so some extra padding might be required for some pets.

Small Indoor Tent Bedsmall tent bed

45 star

Sizes From: 16" x 12" x 12" To 17" x 13" x 12"

Materials: Foam and Sherpa with removable cushion

Very popular little tent bed for the little dog at home. Soft and warm Sherpa fabric make these indoor dog tent beds cosy boltholes for very small indoor hounds. The product is machine washable and comes in a wide range of colors. The sizes do fluctuate a bit between the color schemes for some reason, and so do the prices which is even more inexplicable. But that's the way it is and many great reviews show this indoor tent bed to be a good buy no matter what the color and price! Certainly worthy of consideration in the colder months of the year for small dogs to snuggle up in!

Snoozer Cave Bedsnoozer cozy cave bed

45 star

Sizes From: 25" x 25" x 8" To 45" x 45" x 8"

Materials: Sherpa fleece and micro-suede

A very wide range of colors, patterns (choice now reduced), sizes and prices are available for this cozy cave bed by Snoozer. The larger versions might just suit a medium-sized dog but we think that, in general, dog tent beds are made with the smaller K9 in mind - and so here they all are on the 'small' page. Anyway, the product... These cave beds are proving very popular and achieve a high star rating. These sherpa fleece-lined designs provide warm and comfortable retreats for dogs - especially good for those that like the security of going 'undercover'! This removable and machine-washable cover, as mentioned before, is available in many colors and patterns and is made from micro-suede material. The sherpa lining is machine-washable too and so the whole design should be easy to keep clean. On the negative side, the comparitively small amount of poor reviews mainly complain that the opening doesn't stay open! The other product pictures do seem a little misleading here. But we would guess, however, that it's not supposed to stay ajar and that it's up to the dog to nose it open and burrow inside.

Indoor Tent Bedsmall tent 2

45 star

Sizes: 16" x 14" x 16" To 18" x 18" x 18"

Materials: small: corduroy / large: fleece

An indoor tent bed with a removable cushion and non-slip base. The item is machine washable and is well made. Reviewers at the time of writing this are mainly giving 5 stars. A cosy space for your (very) small dog (or cat) to retreat into for a nap. We've listed this product almost since this website began and it has proved to be a popular purchase approaching or during the winter months. Several similar versions with differing sizes and colors are now available through the same link and all are proving popular too!

Black Berry Indoor Tent Bedsmall dog 4

45 star

18" x 18" x 18"

Materials: Soft fabric and recycled stuffing

Very similar to the tent bed above. All that is different, as you can see, is the pattern and a slightly larger size - but at a slightly higher price. Not sure if the berry branch design and size is worth the extra expense (There is now also a second decorative leaf design available via the same link.) on its own, but it is made, in part, of recycled materials (soda pop bottles!) and so it is a little more eco-friendly. And if it also fits in better with the decor of your home, it may well be worth the extra few dollars! A very popular item and worth considering if you have a suitably sized dog or puppy in need of a small space in which to snuggle!

 Dog Tent Bedsmall dog 8

4 star

16" x 16" x 14"

Materials: Polyfoam and fabric

Home sweet home for very small dogs/puppies. This indoor kennel-shaped tent bed comes in three different designs: brown; cream; and silver (pictured). it has a non-slip base, comes with its own pillow and is easy to assemble/disassemble for washing or transport. With many favorable reviews the time of writing, this is becoming quite a popular little dog tent bed! But be aware of the size and be sure your dog will fit first before purchasing.

Dog Igloo Tentdog igloo tent

45 star

Sizes From:
37" x 30" x 23" To 51" x 39" x 30"

Materials: Foam insulation and Microban

This is certainly not a convenient dog camping tent but a fun item for the hound in the house or yard. Don’t let this tent’s whimsical design fool you though – it has a high average star ranking from many happy customers and their delighted dogs! (It is currently the best seller in 'Dog Houses'!) The design is easy to assemble, has foam insulation and has a roof vent for air circulation. It also boasts Microban in its construction – an antimicrobial component which fights against mold, mildew and other unwanted tenants. One area of concern amongst some reviewers, however, is the size of the entrance: although the product may have an X-large size; for example, the doorway might not necessarily admit an X-large hound! Overall, though, a good, solid and very different domestic tent.

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