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The top 10 most popular dog tents and crates

We've updated our top ten just lately and there have been several new entries. After counting up the recent sales for both tents and soft crates and have come up with a new combined list. More soft crates have made it to the top ten than ever before as previous favorite tents have dropped down or out of the chart altogether!

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Dog Tent's Top 10 Best-Selling Chart...

1 best selling dog tent

Lumsing Dog Tent

Borrowing much of its design from our former number one tent – the Alcott Pup Tent – which can be found further down this page, The Lumsing is proving the most popular dog tent on our site at this time. Hardly surprising – great reviews and a great price!

2 top 10 dog tents

Lumsing Large Dog Tent

That’s correct – another Lumsing tent! This time on a bigger scale and therefore suitable for the bigger hounds out there (or several smaller ones, maybe?). Anyway, whatever Lumsing are doing, they’re obviously doing it very well in occupying the two top spots!

3 best soft dog crate

EliteField 3 Door Soft Dog Crates

Good to see these EliteField soft dog crates moving up in our charts – we always thought that they were placed too low down the list previously! But the cream eventually tends to float to the top and now, as you can see, they are our highest selling crate! (Available in many sizes and colors.)

4 cheapest dog tent

Alcott Explorer Tent

It’s a shame to see the Alcott Pup Tent take a dip in our chart as it’s one of our favorites – but the number four spot is what the numbers suggest and so here it is after spending so long at the top of the tree! Despite the drop it’s still worthy of consideration in our opinion.

5 good dog crate

Petsfit Foldable Kennel

A nice, neat design from Petsfit gets into the top five and it’s a well-deserved placing too we think. A very popular crate which is available in several sizes and has many good reviews in its support. Definitely worthy of consideration if the EliteField crates (listed further up the chart) are not to you or your dog’s liking!

6 umbra pet tents

Umbra Pop-Up Dog Tents

The Umbra Dog Tent climbs a little higher in this latest top ten. This is a design that has been going for some time and has had its pop-up, umbrella-style mechanism copied by several other manufacturers – none quite as good as this original it has to be said! Usually available in three sizes.

7 soft dog crates

Paws 'n' Claws K9 Truck Canopy

A unique piece of kit that certainly seems to have plenty of appeal. The Paws ‘n’ Claws is designed to sit securely on the back of a truck and provide shelter and safety for the dog on the move. For such a niche product we’re surprised to see it in our Top Ten but, nonetheless, here it is!

8 soft crates for dogs

 NOZTONOZ Dog Crates

One of the most popular doggy products on the market and hardly surprisingly it maintains a foothold in our bestselling chart. The NOZTONOZ soft dog crate is available in several sizes and all get good reviews – literally thousands of them! We’re surprised it’s not higher placed!

9 travel dog crate

Petnation Port A Crates

The NOZTONOZ crates (above) are very popular, but the Petnation Port-A-Crates are absolutely phenomenal in popularity! Achieving similarly good reviews, these crates with their bone motif sides have also sold in their thousands and are certainly worth taking a look at!

10 pink soft dog crate

Petmate Portable Pet Homes

Just about clinging on to a spot in our Top Ten is the Petmate Portable crate. As with the two crates above, it gets mainly good reviews and even though it’s not quite as popular its elegant design and color scheme still obviously appeals to many. For those looking for something a little different for their dog!