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The top 10 most popular dog tents and crates

Now enough time has gone by and the data is in, we’ve decided to look back and see which have been the most popular purchases made from our humble little site so far. We’ve counted up the past sales for both tents and soft crates and have come up with a combined Top 10. There are some obvious products present here as well as a few surprises! We will be updating this chart regularly as products sell out and as more numbers come in.

Dog Tent's Top 10 Best-Selling Chart...


Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

This didn't really come as a surprise to us: we already knew that this medium to large tent was very popular indeed. And at such a reasonable price for such a good item, we weren't exactly shocked when we added up the numbers - they just confirmed what we already knew! The Alcott Explorer Pup Tent is not only our favorite but is the top tent for many others too!


Summer Pet Tents

This entry in the top 10 surprised us a little – we hadn’t realised just how many people had purchased one of these to small to medium-sized tents (originally called the Scientist Pet Tent, we believe - we've added the sales together). Cheap, cheerful and for non-chewing, well behaved dogs! These tents are available in several sizes and in a choice of bright colors!


Petmate Portable Pet Home

Our highest placed crate in the top 10! When we first looked into this crate (quite literally!) there were only a handful of average reviews on Amazon. We liked most things about it – not least its cheerful color scheme! Anyway, time has gone by and the one time underdog is now a very highly-rated best seller! The Petmate is available in many sizes.


Petnation Port A Crate

This one was fully expected to make it into this chart as it is one of the best-selling soft dog crates on the market and available in several sizes. With literally thousands of good reviews the Petnation Port-a-Crate is an extremely popular product indeed! Strangely enough, however, it’s not one of our own favorites, but we can’t possibly argue over its success.


MDOG2 Tent

Now this entry surprised us so much we had to go back and re-check the numbers! But, sure enough, this turns out to quite a popular large tent for medium to large dogs! We haven’t seen this tent first-hand and the reviews we have seen (from all over the net) are very mixed. There are several sellers on Amazon promoting what appears to be the same tent with highly differing feedback! Here we’ve played safe and linked to Amazon’s own listing.


EliteField 3 Door Crates

EliteField, if it were up to us and not the numbers, would be further up this chart. They manufacture some of the most robust and reasonably priced soft crates out there! They have many different sizes and colors in their range, all in separate listings, and all seem to get deservedly good reviews! We have linked to just one of their crates here but be sure to click on their name (below the title on the product page) to see their entire product list.


Best Pet Supplies Tent Bed

We know – it’s not really a tent - and it’s certainly not a crate! But the little guy’s done well for himself and so why shouldn’t he be mixing it with the big boys?! This is one of the first tent beds we ever listed and so it’s not too surprising that it’s our best seller in that niche. Highly-rated and available in a couple of different designs and sizes.


Lucky Dog Dawg E Tent

Is it a kennel? Is it a crate? No – it’s a Dawg E tent! Whatever you would describe this product as you can’t argue with the reviews. It’s certainly not the cheapest of dog tents out there but, judging by previous customers, you get what you pay for! The link is for the medium type; however, different sized versions are occasionally available via the same link.



One of the most popular soft crates out on the market (and one of our favorites) is the aptly-named ‘Sof-Krate’. Despite its popularity, however, it’s not without its critics and so please do read through the reviews on the product page to glean other opinions. That said, the Sof-Krate is generally well-received and scores highly. It is available in several sizes at fair prices. (Limited Size Availability)


GigaPet Pop-Up Tent

A new entry into our chart which has succeeded in pushing the Umbra Dog Tent out from the number 10 spot after just a couple of months in our listings! This tent is available in three tall sizes and all have recieved good reviews. The link above takes you to the medium-sized version but you can find links to the others from our multi-sized tent page.

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