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Petsfit Travel Pet Homedog travel home

A new range of crates from Petsfit which includes an option for most sizes of dog has just been added to our ‘Multi-Sized’ page. These are no-nonsense crates that may not be the most colorful but, according to a majority previous customers, does the job it’s intended for well! If you like the look of them – be quick – all sizes are currently on sale!

Elevated Dog Canopy Beddog sun shade tent

With summer fast approaching with all of its heat and humidity, panting pooches will soon need to find a spot that offers them shelter from the sun. This dog sun shelter from ‘Pawhut’ could offer them plenty of shade along with an open and airy space to chill out in. Currently available in sizes for small to medium-sized pets, this steel framed cot comes with an attractive dome-shaped canopy to help dogs keep their cool in hot weather!

Outdoor Tent for Dogslumsing outdoor tent for pets

This new ‘Lumsing’ tent has just hit the market at a very reasonable price. It’s currently on sale at a point well below its very similar-looking competitors! It follows a well-trodden path in design with fiberglass poles arcing to support a waterproof and UV protected canopy. As well as plenty of built-in mesh, a moisture-proof floor and a zippered door, the tent also comes with ground stakes and a carry bag. As already mentioned, the price currently is very good!

Ruffwear Dog Backpackbest dog backpacks

Ruffwear know how to make good, solid products and this dog backpack is certainly one of the most highly rated on the market! Built with both owner and dog in mind (which all good backpacks should be!) this ‘Approach’ pack enables fine adjustments to fit your dog comfortably whilst still allowing full functionality and mobility. Available in several sizes and colors, the Approach Pack is one to seriously consider if you and your dog like a hike!

Dog Dendog den crate

With a shell made from an incredibly tough 1,600 Denier Oxford Nylon, this soft crate/carrier for small dogs has got to be one of the most resilient on the market. Loads of great reviews coupled with a complete money back warranty make this a tempting proposition if you’re looking for a diminutive dog den. And, as if that wasn’t enough, at the time of writing it’s on sale!!!

Camping Tent for Dogscamping tent for dogs

Owing much of it design and demeanor to the ‘Umbra Pet Tent’ this new product from ‘FrontPet’ is available in a couple of sizes which are aimed at approximately medium-sized four-legged occupants. It employs a very quick pop-up mechanism, making set-up simple, and comes with various little extras such as ground stakes and a rain tarp. And so if you’re considering some canine camping, or just want your dog to have its own space, it might be worth considering.

EliteField Playpens for Petsdog playpens for all sizes

We are pleased to add a range of EliteField playpens to our list. Their large choice of colors and sizes have been as well-received as their soft dog crates - and that’s a very good thing indeed! These 2-door pens are versatile, good for indoor or outdoor use, and come with a couple of nice little extras as well as a money-back guarantee! Lots of great reviews!

What Are Dog Tents?washable tents for dogs

A dog tent is for canine camping, right? Well, yes, it can be – but one can be put to so many more uses than just that. A dog tent can be utilized in many different ways aside from your dog's own camping quarters: it can be used as a convenient portable kennel when travelling in preference to a dog crate; it can be used to defend the discerning outdoor dog against both sun and showers; and it can also be used as a comfortable bolthole for the indoor hound that enjoys some privacy! The latter could also serve as an advantage for nervous dogs when they travel away from home and are taken to new and strange places: they will have a familiar shelter in which to retreat if they need to – a home from home!

Anyway, back to the camping side of things… A separate tent for your dog can obviously enhance your own camping experience – especially if you have a large dog! Depending on the size of your own tent, room may be at a premium. A good night’s rest might be hard to come by in such cramped confines with an excited, fidgeting hound sharing the space! Even if you have enough room, however, dog tents can still hold some advantages in less than clement conditions: muddy paws and the smell of damp dog can be confined to next-door!

another dirty dogMost tents for dogs are easy to assemble and take up little space when they are not being used. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices which should suit any dog and any owner alike. And so why not spend a little money and get a lot of convenience as well as a lot appreciation from your dog in return? Follow the links above to the most suitable pages and see what items we have found.

Why Take the Dog Camping?dog pet tent or not

The question should be: why not? If your best friend is well-behaved and unlikely to run amok when out in the country, the benefits will far outweigh the negatives for you both (and for the rest of the family if they’re coming along too). Your dog will enjoy the taste of fresh air and freedom as much as you do and reward you with his loyal company throughout your adventures – isn’t that already better than having him kenneled, or having to depend on friends to look after him and keep him content? There will be no guilt or worry on your part and no pining for you on his. This will allow you both to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds and make some happy memories: the long hikes; the dog-tiredness; the new and the natural; the time you’ll share; and the experiences you’ll have in common. So why not get out there… together?

Which Tent Size for My Dog?tent sizes

At the top of this page we have included a very general size guide to help you in your search. On the product pages themselves, however, we always include the dimensions to give you a better idea of a suitable size. We have placed all dog tent and dog crate designs that come in numerous sizes on the multi-sized page: this page, therefore, is worth looking at whether you have a small, medium or large dog.

One should always consider what the new tent for your dog actually includes: is it a tent bed with cushioning already provided, or do you have to allow for the space taken when inserting your own? Read the descriptions and sizes provided carefully; glean an idea, if you can, from the pictures themselves; read the customer reviews for any extra information; and, for extra certainty, measure your dog!

Tent Stability

camping dog weatherAnother important thing to consider along with size when buying outdoor dog tents is their stability. This is a very common issue raised by previous buyers of some companies’ tents. In windy conditions some tent designs have been reported to topple over – both without and with the poor dog inside! Obviously, this is not appreciated by dog and owner alike! We have rejected several designs of tent on this website because of this very issue. When we read repeated reviews of the instability and/or flimsiness of a tent we become fairly sure that there’s no smoke without fire and we don’t include the product on our lists.

And so, consider carefully where the tent is going to be used: indoor tent beds are obviously not a concern, but a camping trip to an open area, exposed to the elements, may be more of a problem. In these circumstances you should ask yourself some questions before you buy a tent for your dog: what could the weather be like where you’re going – is it likely to be very windy? How is the tent to be anchored to the ground – with stakes or merely weighted? And last, but by no means least, what do previous customers have to say about a certain tent’s stability – are they happy on the whole?

Other Thoughtshot or cool dog

Ventilation is an important component in any tent (or dog crate). If the dog is to be sealed inside a tent for any length of time it is vital that some form of vent or opening are there to help with air circulation – especially in warm weather. We wouldn’t dream of leaving a dog in a car on a hot day, for any time length of time, without at least a window cranked down a little, and the same practise should apply to alleviate the humidity occasionally found in a tent. Fortunately, most makes of dog tent incorporate mesh vents or similar openings to help. Even so, consider the weather and consider your dog – would he be more comfortable in this tent or another?

The mesh, if included in a tent design, quite often is dual purpose: mesh ‘windows’ can give the dog visibility as well as clean air. This is an important consideration too if the animal is to be enclosed for any period of time. If the dog can see what’s going on about him, he will likely be more relaxed and more content to remain inside without panicking. For the owner, the ability to quickly look in on their dog and reassure themselves that he’s okay is an advantage also.

As well as a tent’s performance in hot weather, it’s waterproofing in wet weather should also be taken into account. For indoor dog tents and fair-weather camping this is, obviously, not so important. But for an outdoor tent in unpredictable weather it is a must – both for the dog’s sake and for any blanket or bed enclosed inside. Some makes fair better than others in this regard. Be sure before you buy!

One last important consideration as far as the owner goes is: how easy is the tent to clean? Many, but not all, dog tents are made from washable materials that require nothing more than a quick hose down after use. Some, however, are less forgiving when it comes to muddy paw prints. Once again, see what the manufacturers and the reviewers have to say on this issue before you buy.

What do we do?

happy dogWe are an Amazon Associate website and are proud to be so. We search all the relevant nooks and crannies on Amazon on your behalf to bring you the most highly rated tents for dogs at the best possible prices. We will only ever add a tent or crate to our listings if a majority of buyers have been pleased with the product they’ve already received. And we only include trusted sellers with a good, solid history. In short: we search and research so you don’t have to – and you don’t pay a penny extra for this service when you come to buy.

Amazon itself doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s one of thehappy dogs world’s biggest online retailers and their track record speaks for itself. They are a company that you can trust absolutely. And so when we refer you over to their website we know you’re in safe hands. Once you’re there and you’ve found the dog tent that’s right for you and your four-legged friend, our job here is done. Checkout and payment continue through Amazon in the typical way and you’re covered by their great customer service as usual.

We truly hope that you find something you like upon our pages. Our to-the-point reviews should give you some basic idea about any certain product, but be sure to also check the actual product description and the customer reviews and questions. We wish you and your dog a happy purchase!

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